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‘Save the girl child’ – every one of us is aware of this slogan. This slogan came into being for the empowerment of the girl child and since then there came many policies to uplift the condition of girls and women in the society. Gradually, there has been significant improvement in the condition of girls. Now a days a girl possesses the same position as that of a boy. Although, there are a few loop holes but as an ocean if formed drop by drop same way the society will take its sweet time to adapt to these changes. Even after all these progressive steps some girls are still not satisfied. A desire to achieve more and more is s part of the various human tendencies but an extreme form of this could result in a catastrophe. This is where the term FEMINISM came from. I seriously don’t understand this concept and to be more precise I don’t understand the need for its existence. Instead of feminism why can’t we fight for EQUALITY? Don’t you think this would be a better step towards a healthy society? Then, why so much of buzz for feminism? This trend or movement itself proves the inferiority of women coz if women are equally capable as men than what was the need for this. A woman is denied entry to the temple shrine during her menses. Many feminists and pseudo- feminists suddenly wake up from their sleeps. In the holy texts it has been mentioned that women are less energetic during this crucial stage. So, they were asked to rest instead of going to the temples and no offence but according to me this reason is valid enough. Why cannot we make this the new normal? Why can’t we accept that skipping going to temple for a few days causes no harm? And what special blessing will the boys get by visiting temples daily. So, we girls should accept that being able to go to temple daily doesn’t justify the superiority of men. We cannot ask the entire society to change but we can change for a good wouldn’t be this much easier. Many of us believe that God id omnipotent so why do we only need to go to temples to pray. Temples and idols are just a medium but the real connection is through heart. Though there are many other aspects to this but to say that women form the weaker and vulnerable section of the society should be strictly forbidden. The second and the most controversial aspect is of rape cases. If woman files a rape case against any men either she is treated as a culprit or the suspect is immediately announced as the culprit without any evidence. These aspects are well depicted in not so poplar and unappreciated Indian movies like ‘Section 375’, where the accused not being guilty was sentenced to life imprisonment just because a girl from an indigent background wanted revenge. The second example is of season 1 of an Indian web series – ‘Criminal Justice’ where a boy was sent to judicial custody for rape charges which later on were proved wrong but the boy had to suffer from physical violence from the in mates. What kind of law is this? What kind of justice is this? On one hand all the accusations made by a girl are assumed to be correct and on the other hand the accusations are not even heard. Both these extremes are dangerous. We need to arrive at a mid-point. There needs to be some kind of balance between the two extreme mentalities and treatments then only real equality can be achieved.


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