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Empowering The trans.

He or she , can’t address them any which ways. Are we so poor on words that we cannot even provide them with a suitable salutation. Why not call them, ‘ them ‘? Coz they are a integral part of our community since times immemorial.

In KBC ( kon Bnega clCarore pati-an Indian TV show) they are addressed as anaya(others) they are not others they are our part we belong together.

The movie Laxxmi promoted itself for empowering transgender community but the maker’s didn’t have the courtesy or the guts to cast a real transgender in the subordinate role. This was no empowerment.

The so called stars , cinema and television creators influence millions but if they are not ready to accept transgender as they are they have no right to call themselves influencers.

Transgender are the most loyal , least harmful creatures earth has ever seen. Kings leaving their women in their protection proves this fact right.

Transgender community has been identified by the government and given a status of a honourable citizen.

God made each creature unique and each one has a purpose. It’s not their choice they are destined to be what they are and we are supposed to accept them as they are.


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