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Feasibility studies

Feasibility study takes various factors of a business into account. It involves technical aspects, legal issues, economic factors and others. It determines how successful a particular product or strategy is going to be and investors invest after taking account of the feasibility study of any project.  Feasibility studies ensures that there is no risk inContinue reading “Feasibility studies”

Search engine optimization

 Search engine optimization is the technique of optimizing your content so that it is more likely for a search engine to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword. SEO or search engine optimization is the method of improving the quality and quantity of searches from search engines. It is a naturalContinue reading “Search engine optimization”

E-commerce for small business

    E-commerce stands for Electronic commerce. It is the buying and selling of goods or transmission of funds or data, over an electronic network. E-commerce and e-business are used synonymously. E-commerce can be either from business to business or from business to consumer.    Through e-commerce consumers can access through their own devices at theContinue reading “E-commerce for small business”

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