Feasibility studies

Feasibility study takes various factors of a business into account. It involves technical aspects, legal issues, economic factors and others. It determines how successful a particular product or strategy is going to be and investors invest after taking account of the feasibility study of any project.  Feasibility studies ensures that there is no risk inContinue reading “Feasibility studies”


Many of us are admirers of reality show and its concept. But are the reality shows really real or are they scripted is a frequently asked question. Here is a reality check to all the so called reality shows. Reality shows are just a bit contrived. They are not scripted, they are just designed inContinue reading “Un-script”

Better safe than sorry – a guide to all the scams out there.

We all have made mistakes in the past which we regret. We always imagine if we were informed about the situation beforehand and we could have stayed away from that very situation and protected ourselves.So, here is a list of a few scams and frauds taking place in the current scenario. If you understand themContinue reading “Better safe than sorry – a guide to all the scams out there.”


As the word suggests equity stands for freedom from bias. However, equity in economics terms is tells  money value of a property  in excess of claims or liens against it.  Origin The term “equity” originates from equity law– system of law originating in the English chancery and comprising a settled and formal body of doctrinesContinue reading “Equity”

Incredible India

Neither Hindu nor Muslim, neither Christian nor Sikh, we all are brothers and sisters, we all are Indians at first. India is country of unity, it is a country of diversity. Our constitution is secular, our virtues are devotional. Our farmers reap the crops, people prepare them differently from north to south. Between rich cultureContinue reading “Incredible India”

My pillow

You were there with me, You were there with me in my happiness. You were there with me when I read, acting as a support system for me back. You were there with me during fights, acting like a weapon, You were my strongest sword. You were there with me When no one was, WeContinue reading “My pillow”

Love, peace and harmony.

Love is transparent, based on commitment. In the deepest core of your being, by a true lover your emotions can be seen. Amidst the sea, two lovers caught in a frnezy. Seeing the water wrath, they hugged each other taut. The water spirit


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