Better safe than sorry – a guide to all the scams out there.

We all have made mistakes in the past which we regret. We always imagine if we were informed about the situation beforehand and we could have stayed away from that very situation and protected ourselves.So, here is a list of a few scams and frauds taking place in the current scenario. If you understand themContinue reading “Better safe than sorry – a guide to all the scams out there.”

A quick study guide for all the “night owls”.

You  surely must have heard this phase, “ Early to sleep and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Though I agree it is good to wake up early but what if you are not able to do so? What if you are a night owl. Will you not be able toContinue reading “A quick study guide for all the “night owls”.”

Stop stereotyping villagers.

People from backward areas may not have enough technical knowledge, they may not know about the latest gadget but they have something which is more precious than this – their experience. The skills developed from leading a simple life are far more valuable than any materialistic thing. Leading a tough life filled with challenges makesContinue reading “Stop stereotyping villagers.”

Honouring the past, celebrating the preset and realising the future.

The time has passes away, no one can get out of it. There is no point to brood over your past, you have to face all situations at last. Doesn’t matter your past was sad or merry, you need not worry. Learn to live in the present moment, Practice would lead to improvement. One willContinue reading “Honouring the past, celebrating the preset and realising the future.”

Should you change your skincare during the Pandemic?

Applying makeup can enhance your look but is it temporary. What’s underneath that thick layer of makeup is what needs to be taken care of. Looking after the skin is imperative. If the skin is smooth and glowing anything and everything will look good. Therefore, paying proper attention to the needs of the skin isContinue reading “Should you change your skincare during the Pandemic?”

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