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Why difference of opinions is necessary?

We often feel offended when someone doesn’t agree with our point of view. But that’s completely fine. Everyone doesn’t think alike. People come from different backgrounds and their mentality is moulded differently. Therefore, everyone does not have the same opinions. But why is this necessary. Wouldn’t it be great if all the people thought alike.Continue reading “Why difference of opinions is necessary?”

Why can’t boys have all the fun?

Sounds ironic, isn’t it? As girls face restrictions boys also do, it’s just that they don’t talk openly about it. They hide all this in a deep folder of their heart protected with password. There has been a paranoia that boys can not apply makeup. The question is why? It could be that all boysContinue reading “Why can’t boys have all the fun?”

Counterfeiting headache of high end fashion industry

Not every shining object is gold. Things can be verisimilar. They may be pleasing to your eyes but not so pleasing to your body. “Alibaba gets sued by Gucci for fakes…again” this headline was published in CNN money on 15 March emphasizing that counterfeits are a cause of major concern for the fashion industry. “WearingContinue reading “Counterfeiting headache of high end fashion industry”

How to manage brand’s online reputation?

Just as a flower needs a certain type of environment to blossom, a brand needs a good reputation to flourish. Building a reputation in the market takes years and spoiling it takes just a few seconds. With a large sum of marketing going online, it is crucial for a brand to maintain it’s online reputationContinue reading “How to manage brand’s online reputation?”

Social media marketing

 SMM or social media marketing is  creating and delivering relevant and quality content on social media to attract potential customers. It is also referred to as e-marketing or digital marketing. Social media marketing involves the management of a marketing campaigns. Importance of social media marketing Social media marketing is highly essential because raise awareness aboutContinue reading “Social media marketing”