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6 way to channelize the flow of ideas.

Has your brain given up? Want to deliver and urgent article and are on a short of ideas? This article may prove to be helpful for you.

1.) If you rest you rust.

Your brain is also like a machine. If it rests for long time it may stop working. The brain also needs to keep working continuously to be productive. If you are starting after a gap then it may take time to revive. Therefore, never leave your brain idle, keep it occupied.

2.) Keep on reading

To produce new ideas you need to introduce yourself towards new perspectives. There is no end to reading and no limit to knowledge. The more you read, the more you write.

3.) Watch movies, webseries or TV shows.

Believe it or not all the provide you with endless amount of content. There is a whole lot of buffet to browse from. Even a slightest piece of it may prove to be useful. You can take is as a reference and expand as per your wishes.

4.) Observe

Content is right in front of you but one needs to have the eye for it. Keep a keen eye on every aspect of the society you may get something or the other out of it. All the scientific discoveries start because of observation. If C.V. Raman would not have paid attention to the colour of sea he would not have succeeded as the greatest scientist of all times.

5.) Increase your creativity.

The idea may be in your mind but you may not think of putting it to the world. Pay attention to every thought in your mind and creatively look for ways of turning it into something worth.

6.) Think

The best thoughts comes at night. When there is peace take time to think. When you don’t understand anything just think all that has been going on and how you can tackle the situation. Once, the mind is clear it will make space for new ideas to come in.


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