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Why difference of opinions is necessary?

We often feel offended when someone doesn’t agree with our point of view. But that’s completely fine. Everyone doesn’t think alike. People come from different backgrounds and their mentality is moulded differently. Therefore, everyone does not have the same opinions.

But why is this necessary. Wouldn’t it be great if all the people thought alike. There will be no clash of opinion, no clash between people of different race, caste, religion or gender. The world would become a peaceful place to live in.

No, no. Things don’t work this way. It would lead to catastrophies. If people start thinking alike every one will prefer to do the same work. Let’s assume everyone wants to become a business men. Then there will be no customer to purchase the produce. If everyone thinks of becoming a doctor, firstly there will be immense competition and secondly, there will be no patients to treat upon.

Imagine planning a drama where everyone wishes to play the role of the king. The drama will never be able to take make to the theatre.

A talent is valued only when it is peossessed by few. If everyone is able to do it then it’s value degrades. For example, everyone is able to walk and breathe so it is not considered a talent but few are able to swim, dance, play instruments, etc. Therefore, they are valued. Everyone has their own talents. And, hence, everyone is a valuable being.

Another importance of having variable opinions is that we get to look at the other side of the story. May be we are not always right. By getting to know other viewpoints, we may realise our mistakes and get to work towards improving.

When minds think differently, there is an abundance of ideas. We may not be able to find a solution towards a problem but others may. Having a variety of ideas is always good.

Having difference in opinions is sometimes vital. Then only will the universe function efficiently. Different people will have different roles to play. Everyone will fulfil their roles.


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