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Why can’t boys have all the fun?

Sounds ironic, isn’t it? As girls face restrictions boys also do, it’s just that they don’t talk openly about it. They hide all this in a deep folder of their heart protected with password.

There has been a paranoia that boys can not apply makeup. The question is why? It could be that all boys are beautiful by birth and they don’t require anything that can make them more beautiful, which is so not true. The other belief is that makeup is just for girls, boys are not supposed to use make-up. But why not? Don’t they want to look handsome and groomed? Don’t they like to pamper themselves, take care of their skin and experiment? They do, then what’s stopping them? Its the guidelines laid by the society which restricts people from doing what they actually feel like and just become a sheep of the same flock.

Where are these guidelines penned down. I need to know the name of the book which states what girls are supposed to do and what boys are supposed to do or to be more precise what they are forbidden from doing. Girls are supposed to cook and boys are supposed to work but why can’t both do there tasks and become independent?

 The reality is there is no such book. These stupid rules are the outcome of the minds of sadists who couldn’t achieve any thing in their lives and so they find happiness by ruining others. What all they were not able to pursue they don’t want us to enjoy.

The moment you do something different people start criticising you. This is the moment you know you have done something worth noticing. So, just be proud of yourself. Do what you enjoy doing. If you are a boy and likes to take long showers, you are hygiene, go ahead. If you like to use beauty and skin products, you care for your skin. If you like to apply makeup, you like to groom yourself, great, good for you. There should be no one to stop you from this. Your life, your rules.

There are many emerging male beauty influencers and make-up artists whom I adore. I feel proud to see them and I admire them for the stereotypes they are breaking and doing what they really want not what others aspect them to do.


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