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Know your worth

Have you seen those models and felt jealous? Their flawless skin leaves you doumbfoundes. You wish you could be as beautiful as they are.

Let me open your eyes. The reality is quite different. Behind those overwhelming pictures there are layers and layers of makeup and filters. The harsh truth is that makeup can never be your real skin. It will not merge with your skin. It will always look caky. But anything in bright light appears flawless. One can’t even differentiate between their real skin and the tons of makeup over their skin. To top it up they edit the pictures and apply various filters.

To top it up we have the Korean standards. Don’t they seem extremely fake. These people are beautiful by birth. No makeup can transfer you completely. Often they use cuts in their videos. So the person you saw before the make and the person who appears afterwards are two different people. So, don’t get misleaded by watching all this shit.

All this tends to increase your insecurity. You question yourself whether you are beautiful or not. Whether you are worth something? You become more and more uncertainty about your existence. Believe me the same happened with me.

Although, makeup can make you look  good on camera but at last we all are entitled to the truth. Its not the real self. Its just some artificial colours that a single splash of water can wash off.

You need not gamble with your life just by being mislead by a bunch of fake people. These fake people compel you to loose your innocence and enter into a world full of toxicity but you need to prioritize.

 You need to feel comfortable in your own skin. You are beautiful the way you are. God made everyone unique. He  moulded you and then broke the mould. God created  you like this for a purpose. In his eyes you are beautiful. You just need to accept yourself the way you are and not get influenced by anyone. If you want to apply makeup go ahead. I am not against it but do it for yourself. To make yourself feel good and not to impress others. Make up is to enhance your self not to conceal your true self. You are more worthy then you think you are.


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