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E-commerce for small business

    E-commerce stands for Electronic commerce. It is the buying and selling of goods or transmission of funds or data, over an electronic network. E-commerce and e-business are used synonymously. E-commerce can be either from business to business or from business to consumer.

   Through e-commerce consumers can access through their own devices at the ease of their house. They can choose from a wide range of products displayed online and can order for all sorts of  products. Once they place their order they are asked to put up their details. This information reaches the supplier who in turn provides the necessary services or products. The payment can be done before hand through online transaction or it can be done later on through cash on delivery option.

   E- commerce has brought a boom in the business industry by giving a chance for small business who don’t have the capacity to buy or rent a huge place in order to establish their business. It has helped small business flourish and get themselves acknowledged without a large investment. It also requires less man power. An additional advantage of e-commerce is that it can be operated at any time of the day. It enhances small business by providing easy access to the customers. A business can establish international reach through e-commerce.


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