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Many of us are admirers of reality show and its concept. But are the reality shows really real or are they scripted is a frequently asked question. Here is a reality check to all the so called reality shows.

Reality shows are just a bit contrived. They are not scripted, they are just designed in a way to promote argument, aggression, drama and emotions in order to entertain the audience and spice things up. Henceforth the contestants are informed to give hundred percent in order to grab audience attention and increase the TRP and rating of the show. The tasks are designed in such a way that the will eventually lead to violence and abusive behaviour which is believed to rise the mercury level and heat things up for the contestants as well as the audience. The participants are paid on the basis of the amount of audience they drive towards the show. Therefore, though not willingly the contestants are forced to portrait themselves according to the show makers.

Similarly the life is a reality show which is semi-scripted. Our ancestors and leaders have formed guidelines, rules and regulations which we are supposed to follow. Some of us follow the crowd rest of the creative minds take the road less traveled. Though their journey is full of hardships, they are often criticed and ridiculed for being unique but they are the one who enjoy the real taste of life. If they succeed they build a new road for others to follow.

Every one is an unique individual. We should have the right to live our life the way we choose to and not as our society demands. The only person who has a right over his life is the person himself. No one else possess the right to teach him how to lead his life. So stop following


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