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A quick study guide for all the “night owls”.

You  surely must have heard this phase, “ Early to sleep and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Though I agree it is good to wake up early but what if you are not able to do so? What if you are a night owl. Will you not be able to become wise? Even if you manage to get up early for a day or two, eventually you will feel lethargic after some time and dose off. So, can a night owl never excel?

This is a misconception buried  deep in our brains. The only thought behind this was that in the morning there is peace which helps students focus on study. Also, in olden days there was no electricity so students used to study in early in the morning and go to sleep by 8 o’clock in the evening. But now the lifestyle has changed. Even if a student gets up early in the morning he will have hardly and time to study as he has to get ready for school. Then he has to attend tuitions. The only time left with him to focus on self study is late at night. At night there is no honking, no vendors shouting so one can easily concentrate on studies.

Now the situation arrives when you have a leave and you want to get up early to study but because of your habit you tend to get up late and you regret later on. Frankly, it doesn’t matter because an early riser and a night owl both get the same study hours. Let me break it down for you. An early riser gets up at say 6 in the morning. But he tends to feel sleepy in the afternoon and takes a nap and goes to sleep early. A night owl gets up late but there is no place for afternoon naps. Also, he studies till late at night.

The only problem night owls face is during exams. They panic and are not able to sleep properly 1 day prior to the exam and feel lethargic when writing the exam. This is no issue. What you guys can do is follow your schedule but 5 days before the exam start sleeping early. 5 days before you will have no tension of finishing your syllabus and you can easily focus. But 5 days to the exam you start panicking  but if you have studied in the morning you will have lesser burden. The day of the examination you will be able to get up on time. Even if you were not able to sleep at night it wouldn’t matter because you have given your body enough rest beforehand. Your body can now easily survive a day without proper sleep.

Here is the timetable night owls can follow-

As soon a you get up get ready without wasting any time.

You probably got up during brunch time. So eat something because your body hasn’t been fed since last dinner.

Ensure the brunch is light otherwise you will feel sleepy again. Leave some space don’t just stuff your stomach. Then you can sit for studies.

The time after brunch is not the best to revise because your body is a bit lazy. So, leave it for later.

Start with a light topic. May be you can read a few pages of a book and then start studies.

You will have the entire afternoon to yourself.

In the evening you can revise.

After dinner you will feel sleepy but as soon as you pick up your mobile your sleep will vanish. Give yourself a break for 1 hour. Why I said 1 hour is because 15 minutes or half an hour will not satisfy you and you will feel a constant urge to pick up your mobile again or go  sleep.

Once your sleep has vanished you can start studying again. You have solid 3 to 4 disturbance free hours to yourself.

Hurray! You have now decoded the mantra of studying for hours without changing your routine.


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