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Should you change your skincare during the Pandemic?

Applying makeup can enhance your look but is it temporary. What’s underneath that thick layer of makeup is what needs to be taken care of. Looking after the skin is imperative. If the skin is smooth and glowing anything and everything will look good. Therefore, paying proper attention to the needs of the skin is crucial.
The pandemic has effected our lifestyle drastically. Our routine has changed several folds. This has caused variation not only in our habits but also on our skin.
On the advent of the pandemic, no one was aware it would last for such a long interval. People were just focused on the virus and concentrated just on maintaining immunity against the virus. Nobody was concerned with any other stuff at the beginning. But the pandemic kept on stretching even further. Many were stuck, many lost their jobs, unemployment was at its peak, economy crashed, students were stressed about their study and future. Every thing seemed to have gone topsy turvey. Not a single person had any clue about what was going on and when would all this end. It seemed like a phase of depression had stuck the nation all at once. All these factors severely affected the mental and physical health of several people. This lead to changes in routine and hormonal changes which also impacted our skin care.
Soon people realised the end was far. So, it was better to go with the flow and adjust our lifestyle accordingly. People became productive. They stated looking for ways to chase away the boredom. This is the point of change. Lack of work encouraged people to look for alternative means in order to pass their time. By this time everyone was quite aware that the pandemic is to last for several months and this was a great opportunity to look after their skin. Preparing their skin for the reopening of the world was the primary concern of many.
Everyone wanted their skin to be at its best when situations came under control. Individuals begin to look after their skin. This wasn’t enough. The change in lifestyle immensely effected the skin. Time was enough but resources limited. Markets ran out of stock and online delivery was highly unsafe. Following the usual skin care routine was not practical nor was it effective. The skin used to be exposed to sunlight and pollutants but after the pandemic work from home was a blessing in disguise for the skin. There was no need to be harsh on the skin as before.
Hence, this is the time to bring about a change in the skin care routine. The skin care was irregular, quick and focused on short term benefit for the skin. Now it can be changed to a regular and timely routine which focuses on long term gain.
With the lack of resources, skin care has become a major concern. The routine which was followed earlier is not quite feasible. There should be a change in the routine and it can be molded according to the present scenario. Skin care ought to be adapted according to the time available and products that are handy.
A few steps that can be looked into developing a skin care routine during the pandemic are listed below-
• The skin care should be regular. It should be done at proper interval of time. A routine should be fixed. It can be a morning routine or a night routine depending on your lifestyle and availability of spare time. If you are an early riser you can opt for morning routine or else a night routine is suggested for the night owls.
• More is not always good. The product applied should be in an fixed proportion. Product should be applied in appropriate quantity and it should be ensured that it is spread properly all over the area of concern. Quality should be preferred over quantity. Don’t clog your pores by applying unnecessary products. Prevent to layer your skin with loads and loads of cosmetics.
• Which ever routine you choose, care must be taken that it suits your skin. Any product should be well tested before application. If the routine doesn’t seem to benefit you, one can easily switch the routine as per the requirements of the skin.
• With the advancement in technology it has become very easy to find out the root cause for your skin related problems and find solutions for the same. One can take the help of various search engines in order to look for skin care solutions. You tube videos are best preferred for detailed information regarding the use of any skin related products. Any side effect because of the use of a particular product can also be acknowledged.
• Skin care should be done properly. Paying attention to intricacies is the key. Each step should be followed with utmost precision.
• Application and removal both are important. Never miss to properly remove any product.
• One can take the aid of home remedies if products are not available. India is a land of ayurveda. One or the other remedy is available for all sorts of skin problems. Home remedies are multi purpose and their main advantage is that they do not have any side effects. They are suitable for almost all skin types. The only problem with this is that it doesn’t give instant results but the pandemic has provided immense time so this should not be a problem at all.
• Never use a variety of products for the same problem. Just focus on one product at a time.
• The market if full of brands. It is up to you to look for top notch products. Do not be fooled by cheaper alternative. They can damage your skin even more.
• If there is any reaction, the routine should be stopped immediately. The skin should be given time to recover and it is best advised to visit a dermatologist in cases of severe infections.
• Above all, just be confident in your own skin. Don’t blindly run after skin lightening products, they will damage your skin even further. Remember, every shade is beautiful.
The hustle bustle of cities, stressful lifestyles and pollution has caused serious damage to the skin. More and more people are being diagnosed with skin problems every now and then. Henceforth, one needs to be concerned about their skin. The tiresome lifestyle was an obstacle. Now this obstacle has been removed. So, it is high time you change your skin care routine and start taking proper precautions in order to heal you skin. It is now or never. Start looking after your skin, pamper it, let it live, let it breathe. A glowing skin is an assert everyone doesn’t possess. Achieving it is tough but not impossible. It is time to renew your skin and feel glamorous and confident.


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