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How to get rid of anxiety?

Anxiety is a very common phenomenon but is seldom acknowledged. Society considers it as a myth, a way ta grab attention, a way to draw sympathy and a way to conceal your shortcomings. This isn’t the case. Anxiety needs to be recognised. It is a mental issues which requires attention especially in today’s world.

Following are ways to control your anxiety:

  • Start small.

Deciding to wake up early being productive for the entire day cannot be achieved suddenly. You need to take baby steps. Start by working for 2 to 3 hours and gradually keep stretching your working hours.

In the beginning, just try to do 1 or 2 productive tasks. It will increase your confidence and encourage you to achieve more.

Take baby steps

If you decide to do plenty of work and are not able to accomplish your tasks on time, you will get tensed. In this way you won’t be able to deal with anything. So, instead of planning a lot and doing nothing, plan small and achieve big.

  • Make a to do list.

This is a game changer. If you have plenty of things to do and have no idea how to cover them all, your mind will feel anxious. You will be blown with all these tasks and keep thinking about them. This will hinder your concentration. So better pen down all these things. Now, your brain is free to think and focus.

  • Take breaks

If you overwhelm yourself with work eventually your will become weary. So try to take intervals. It will help you relax.

  •  Stop overthinking

The biggest cause of anxiety is overthinking. Stop worrying about things you don’t care about.

  • Learn to prioritize

By doing this you will be able to give time to important things first and you won’t have to complete them last minute.

  • Play with babies

Babies are one of the most cutest and loveliest creatures created by God. Spending time with them may seem irrigation at first but as soon as the baby bonds with you things will become easy. A single smile from the baby’s side is enough to forget all your worries.

  • Spend time with nature

Using lots of gadgets makes us tired. We need to take a break from them and spend some time with nature. May be just have a stroll or water your plants. As first it may seem a waste of time but believe me it is a very effective remedy.

  • Groom yourself

Being shabby will make you lethargic. You will not feel like doing anything and end you lying on you bed for the entire day. Therefore, as soon as you get up groom yourself. Dress nicely. Make yourself look like a gentle man of lady. It will definitely empower you and you will feel like working.

  • Cooking

Cooking is itself a therapy. I highly recommend it. When you cook you are fully focused and there is no space for any kind of thoughts.

  • Avoid toxic people

Just talk to people who care about you and are honest towards you. Share your feelings with them and let them get out of your system. Hoarding feeling is not al all good for your mental health.


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