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The most powerful are the least powerful.

I know the title is quite ironicaly but interestingly it is true. Read the entire blog to find out how.

The mightiest kings and rulers are assumed to be fearless. So they are. But somewhere in the deepest corner of their heart there is a hidden fear. Fear of losing everything, all their wealth, all their asserts, all followers and their entire kingdom. The impoverished never fear for losing anything because they don’t own anything worth fearing of loosing except their loved ones who live with them until God commands.

The most esteemed can not be bias. Even when it comes to their own family they are expected to be just. They can not stand for their beloved family even if they want even if they want to.

For the common man there is no fear of battle or the burden of an entire kingdom. He/ she may not have th grandest of palaces or the rarest of jewels but he/ she enjoys the real flavours of life. The commomers witnesses the true colours or the true essence of life. They endeavour the world from a very different perspective.

Rich business men have feal to loose their capital, their hard earned reputation. But the poors have none. Politicians have fear to loose their goodwill and following. But a wager muffin has none. He roames from place to place without any fear. Academic toppers have fear to loose their grades but an average student doesn’t fear. There is only to gain and nothing to loose. I know their lives are hard but people live their lives differently. Everyone has their own problems and they are in this world to tackle them. Having a peaceful life, to be able to go to sleep without any tension is itself a big achievement not all have.


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