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Charity- organising a virtual charity event

Charity is a very auspicious virtue. Not all have this. The Pandemic has been harsh on many and because of the lockdown many people failed to receive any sort of aid. But when God closes one door he opens several other. Not able to organise any charitable event why not do it online? Here are a few tips in order to manage an virtual event for an NGO.

Event organisation is a skill not every one can master . In order to organise an event efficiently one needs to be very patient .
In order to organise an event first and foremost a location is necessary . So , for that a barren land , plot , public park can be used. If the event is to be organised on a grand scale we can also convince a hotel in the locality to provide space for the hall as a part of charity work because to be honest a NGO doesn’t have money to waste on such stuff . This amount can rather be used for the benefit of an indigent person . Hence , even a single penny is not wasted . But organising this type of event is not possible during the pandemic . With the advancement of technology the best alternative is to go for a virtual event .
For organising a virtual event we need to choose an appropriate platform which is easily accessible and all the participants can easily join it . There should be no participation limit. For this purpose platforms like skype, google meet , etc. can be used . This ensures maximum participation because people need not travel and also ensures utter safety .
Next is to prepare our team members who will volunteer to be a part of the event . The team members should have good oratorical skills , communication skills and should have a smooth hand in the use of technology . Every member will be provided with the tasks they have to take up. A narrator can describe the functioning of the NGO , the projects taken up and how the participants can become a part of the NGO and how they can approach for aid . The event should be interactive so that the participants can share problems and provide creative ideas and solutions. No one will take interest if the event is boring . Therefore, to make it interesting we can have a dance or singing session or a poem through which we can display the work of our NGO and create awareness in an interesting manner . We can also have a workshops from the members of our NGO for example a candle making session will prove to be entertaining. The program should be brief and information . All information regarding making of donations asking for help should be made clear and precise . If possible the event should be conducted in Hindi and English so no section of the society is left unexplained.

How to approach to guests ?
Secondly , we need to create awareness about this event . Again we rely on social media . We can generate links and upload stories on Instagram , Facebook , post on twitter , upload status on WhatsApp make WhatsApp groups and ask our friends and relatives to share them as much as possible . We can even upload poster’s concerning our event on different social media platforms and awaken the common man about the work of our organisation. The best way to attract a large crowd is to ensure them that they will be provided with a token of gratitude . This makes the guests happy as well . We can provide a certificate so that more and more people show interest in joining and a slip for those who donate any amount so as to acknowledge them.
How to manage the budget ?
Budget is a big issue because NGO’s have less funds which are purely for the betterment of the society . The pandemic was harsh but the bright side is that it has opened up new platforms for people to meet in a group without safety issues . If the event is organised online it is absolutely free of cost . The invitations are send online which is also free . Coming to the promotion’s , all of it is done online , hence , no money required . The volunteers charge absolutely no money so this problem is solved as well . In fact , we can ask brands , colleges , institutes and business to sponsor our event . All the money generated can be used as a donation to the impoverished .
How to avoid technical glitches?
Technology comes with its own disadvantages . Technical glitches are unavoidable . To avoid them a good platform should be chosen. The event should be well organized and practiced. It should start 15 minutes before time so that if any mishap takes place one has time to rectify it. In cases of problems with audio audience should be asked to be patient till network problems are resolved . If screen is not getting shared a companion should tell the presenter to check if screen sharing is done properly from their side . Audience should be told beforehand to leave a message if they are not able to hear or see the screen . The audience should be given separate time to interact if they do so in between they should be politely asked to wait for their turn.
How to publicize the event ?
As mentioned earlier social media platforms can be used to share the link of the event. Posters can be made and uploaded on social media . Pamphlets can also be distributed . Videos can be made to give a glimpse of the events that will be taking place during the event . In this way a large mass can be attracted to participate.
All these steps will ensure that our message reaches to a large number of people and they actively participate with us .


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