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Specy is the new sexy.

Never feel shy to wear specs if you have one. Your outer appearance doesn’t matter but your inner beauty does. Inner beauty is eternal. Outer appearance is mortal. So don’t judge yourself just because 2 pieces of glass cover your eyes. Your eyes can still express a lot through those transparent glasses. Now a days wearing specs has become a trend. It makes you look intellectual. More and more people have become sapiosexual.

 Wearing spectacles is no more rare.C from an early age develop the need for specs . The increasing use of electronic gadgets is the most important contributing factor for this . 

When you realise that objects appear blur to you or you are not able to see a distinct object clearly as compared to others , the time has come to consult an optician . 

Your optician will test your eye sight and assign you a number . Both eyes can have same of different numbers. The number  can be either positive or negative .

 If you have got a positive number , congratulations you are fortunate enough as your number will not increase much over the period of time and by taking eye drops and few precautions it can be reduced to nil as well. 

If you have got a negative number it will gradually increase in the span of time but no need to worry . By taking few precautions you can restrict it’s increment .

The precautions are as follows –

1)Wear your specs regularly . Ensure that the specks you wear are of correct power .

2)Do not put strain on your eyes . 

3) Avoid reading in a moving vehicle . 

4) Use eye drops as prescribed by your Ophthalmologists regularly.

5) Try to limit the use of mobile , computer, television and other electronic devices .If possible go for alternatives like audio call or voice mail instead of chat . Reading a book physically instead of e-book . 

How to look after your glasses ? 

Make sure that your glasses are scratch free and cleaned properly using solution and microfiber cloth on a daily basis . The spectacles  are in close proximity to your skin so they must be sanitized thoroughly to avoid any infections. 

How to choose the perfect frame ?

The frame  must fit properly on your face . Loose frame may keep on slipping and you will feel a constant urge of adjusting it leading to lots of distractions.

A tight frame may cause marks on your face and may also lead to head ache .

Nowadays , specs are used as an accessory as well . So , why keep it boring when you can experiment with it and make a huge statement . 

You should be very particular when it comes to choosing a frame . The frame should suit your face . It should be according to the size of your face . If you have a big face go for a bigger frame . People with petite face should stick to a small frame .

Frames according to face shape – 

Round , oval or heart  face – All people out there with round face cut should keep distance from round frames . Instead , they may go for rectangular  or cat eyes .

Square face –  This face cut should never go for square frames . You can either choose rectangular , hexagonal , round , oval  or  triangular frames . 

Rectangular face – Rectangular face cut can go for all varieties of frames except rectangular frames . Opt for round ones to cut out the sharpness of your face . 

Do not feel shy while wearing specs . It is very common these days and if you choose the right frames it can help to enhance your personality as well . 

There are a huge variety of frames available for example round , oval , square, rectangular, triangular , cat eye , hexagonal , metallic , transparent and even frame less specks available in the market.

Does your specs keep on breaking and purchasing a new pair s always a burden ? 

Ensure that your specs are affordable and of good quality as well . Do not go for cheap alternatives because they may cause furthe damage to your eye sight and also you may be in trouble if your specs break and you have some urgent work . This situation will be very catastrophic . Therefore ,always keep  a spare pair of specs with you . 

Keep your  specs safe by placing them in the box to avoid scratches and breakage . 

Do not go for glass lenses . Fibre lenses are very popular these days as they are more durable . 

If possible do not purchase frameless specs because they have more chances of breaking.

Ensure that your frame has thick and sturdy side strips to ensure maximum sustainability.

Myths broken – 

Some people believe that not wearing specs would help them reduce their power but this is completely false . Specs are just suppose to support your eyes and reduce stress on them. So , if you have numbered glasses wear them regularly otherwise your eye will get strain and may lead to headache .

Next is that wearing cosmetics such as Kajal are harmful for the eyes . But this is not the case . If you are not allergic to a particular cosmetic then you can wear them as per your choice but remember to remove it from the skin before sleeping.

You can look after your eyes by eating food rich in vitamin C . 

With all this knowledge you are set to step in a world of clear vision . 


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